Calle San Cesáreo 1, Madrid, Spain

Surface: from 5.019 m² to 21.380 m²

Rent: 6.5 €/m²/month

The rental of this logistics park in Villaverde | Madrid, offers an unbeatable opportunity to access perfectly equipped storage space. The extraordinary location of the industrial unit, in the vicinity of the Autovía del Sur A-4 and the M-40, together with the quick and easy access from the Toledo A-42 and M-45 motorways, make it a strategic location for your logistics operations. This property is managed on a co-exclusive basis by Cushman & Wakefield.

This logistics park in Villaverde | Madrid, known as Villaverde I, offers a total of 22,549 m² of warehousing space, with the possibility of sectorisation for up to 6 tenants. All the buildings have a height of 11.70 metres. In addition, they have 1 loading bay per 1,000 m², 1 van bay per 1,000 m² and 32-metre manoeuvring bays. Furthermore, the logistics park is equipped with LED lighting, high-strength flooring and flatness in accordance with TR34FM2 standards. This ensures that your operations run smoothly.

The facilities of this logistics park in Villaverde comply with current regulations and the highest standards of sustainability, with LEED Silver certification. This ensures optimisation of the building’s energy efficiency. This translates into significant savings in operating costs for your company. In addition, by renting this logistics park in Villaverde | Madrid, you will be contributing to the care of the environment and strengthening the sustainable image of your business.

The industrial unit for rent in Villaverde | Madrid offers completely open-plan warehouses with the best qualities. These spaces are ideal to establish the headquarters of companies from various sectors, such as logistics, distribution of goods, e-commerce and more. The versatility of the facilities will allow you to adapt the space to the specific needs of your company, giving you the flexibility to grow and expand in the future.


  • Connectivity and accessibility: Villaverde, Madrid has excellent transport connections. These include the Autovía del Sur A-4, the M-40, the Autovía de Toledo A-42 and the M-45. These roads allow quick and easy access to the area, facilitating the mobility of employees and customers.
  • Infrastructures and services: the area has a wide variety of infrastructures and services: shopping centres, restaurants, schools and hospitals. This provides amenities for your employees and customers.
  • Consolidated industrial area: This logistics park is in a consolidated industrial area, which means that you will find a wide range of suppliers and services specialised in the logistics sector.
  • Dynamic business environment: This area is home to a diversity of companies and sectors, which creates a dynamic and collaborative business environment.

If you are interested in this industrial and logistics warehouse in Villaverde, Madrid, please contact us for more information or to arrange a visit. At Cushman & Wakefield we provide you with all the assistance you need to choose the right logistics warehouse for your business.


Name Use Size
Almacén 1 Storage 4,349.00 Immediate
Altillo 1 Other 308.00 Immediate
Oficina 1 Office 362.00 Immediate
Almacén 2 Storage 4,336.00 Immediate
Oficina 2 Office 362.00 Immediate
Altillo 2 Other 307.00 Immediate
Almacén 3 Storage 2,075.00 Immediate
Oficina 3 Office 362.00 Immediate
Altillo 3 Other 149.00 Immediate
Almacén 4 Storage 2,452.00 Immediate
Oficina 4 Office 362.00 Immediate
Altillo 4 Other 201.00 Immediate
Almacén 5 Storage 4,690.00 Immediate
Oficina 5 Office 509.00 Immediate
Altillo 5 Other 556.00 Immediate


  • Access : A-42
  • Metro : Villaverde Alto – L 3