Bilbao consolidates as one of the most dinamics «Retail» cities in Spain

Bilbao is one of the most dynamic cities in Spain, not only at the economic or employment level. The figures for tourism show strong performance in recent years 

New relocations by major chains and openings by renowned brands have seen Bilbao undergo a renaissance in recent years, not only in terms of its prime areas but also on other retail thoroughfares.

The street Calle Gran Vía has seen a transformation of its retail mix since 2018 and brands have been repositioning themselves at different points along this thoroughfare.

Meanwhile, some areas that were until recently considered “cold” have seen an upturn with the arrival of new operators that will increase footfall in the coming years.

Cushman & Wakefield  Research & Insight’s department publish the new Bilbao Marketshot where it details the value of Bilbao of one the main Retail engines in Spain. Read more here.

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